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Keep Your Greens Fresher with our Vegetable Bags Online in Australia

Are you the type of person that loves to get up bright and early on a Sunday morning and head on down to the farmers’ market to pick out the freshest looking produce? Do you prefer being organic or making sustainable life choices wherever possible? Well if this is the case, then our fantastic eco-friendly vegetable bags are the perfect purchase for you. Made of 100% hemp, our bags are designed specifically for you to store your leafy greens, herbs and other vegetables and to keep them fresh, for longer. You might be surprised by the difference in taste and aroma when you choose to use our sustainable bags available online.

What advantages do our bags offer your vegetables?

If you thought it was acceptable to store your vegetables in plastic then you are mistaken. Many harmful toxins go into the production of plastic bags and these chemicals can leech into your produce, affecting the taste of your veggies, as well as your general health. This is what drove us to research and produce an alternative which could serve as an efficient food storage option. Our hemp products are incredibly durable and actually allow you to keep your produce alive for longer, whilst maintaining that crisp, healthy feel and taste.

Available online throughout Australia, our vegetable bags are delivered to you!

Depending on how many people are living in your household and how much of a veggie fiend they are, the number of bags you’ll require may vary. Have a look at our online store for more information on how many you may need and instructions on how to wash them for reuse. Once you have determined how many bags you’ll need to efficiently store all of your vegetables, place your order and we will be able to deliver to your location anywhere in Australia (we offer free shipping for orders over $50!).

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