The Greenleaf Bag was our first 100% Hemp product and it is made from 100% Hemp fabric that has not been bleached, not been dyed and not been treated with chemicals (such as formaldehyde) to extend the shelf life of the fabric.

We are always continually challenging ourselves to improve and we found we could, hence the creation of the Fresh Produce Enhancer.  There are two big differences between the products, one you can see and feel and one you can't.  

The fabric that has been custom woven for the Fresh Produce Enhancer has been made by the artisans of natural textiles who have pioneered the way for taking raw fibre through to fabric without using any chemicals, not even during rhetting.  You can see the quality difference in the fabric. 

The difference you can't see is ethics and sustainability - being a chemical free process there is no risk for you and your fresh food, and, there is no risk for anyone involved in the making of the fabric or the stitching of the Fresh Produce Enhancer.