Fresh Produce Enhancer

Chemical free and organic fresh leafy greens, fruits and vegetables are the most important foods to keep safe because, next to clean water, fresh produce is the foundation of all our healthy intentions. 

It isn’t safe to store your fresh produce in

  • plastic bags or containers,
  • paper towel,
  • aluminium foil or
  • fabrics that have been woven from genetically modified fibre crops that use large volumes of chemicals and water, or
  • fabrics that have been dyed, bleached or treated with flame retardants, formaldehyde or other chemicals.

In the pantry, chemical free, safe food storage is easy, but glass bottles for celery in the refrigerator just isn’t practical.  With our agricultural backgrounds, we knew it wasn’t the best conditions for the produce either.

For the safest fresh produce storage we have the artisans of chemical free natural textiles, custom weave our 100% Hemp fabric especially for the Fresh Produce Enhancer. 

Choosing Hemp, instead of cotton was easy; it is the most sustainable fibre crop that was made unpopular by companies motivated to profit from chemical production and genetic engineering.

The Fresh Produce Enhancer is really about saying ‘no’ to the chemical and genetic manipulation of our food and saying ‘yes’ to chemical free living, eliminating single use plastic bags, sustainable fibre crops, reducing food waste and the collective power of our choices.

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