Our Journey & Our Product

During our whole food journey we realised that living plant based foods are respiring, even while stored in the fridge To store fresh plant-based foods naturally means The Fresh Produce Enhancer gives you powerfully healthy and naturally inspiring fresh fruit, vegetables and leafy greens - even after being stored in your fridge.

We all know that fresh plant-based foods are the most powerful foods for supporting fertility, gut health, detoxing the body and for our overall wellbeing. We turned to a whole food plant based lifestyle when we ‘faced up’ to being overweight and heading towards heart problems and cancer which were already present in our family.  

During our whole food journey we realised that living plant based foods are respiring, even while stored in the fridge.  Meaning that while they are stored in contact with any kind of plastic, paper towel, aluminium foil and even most fabrics, they can absorb the highly toxic chemicals and heavy metals that are leaching out.  

Then, when we eat them those toxins are carried into our body.  Once in the body the toxins can accumulate over time, cross the womb and keep accumulating….sometimes for generations.  Altering healthy function, creating the environment for viral and bacterial invasions of our bodies and even potentially changing our genome. 

This greatly alarmed us and motivated us to change this for everyone.  

We are driven by our unwavering belief that pure, natural, unadulterated plant-based fresh foods form the foundation of our health and are worth protecting.  Now we are proud to have created the natural solution we were looking for.

With the Fresh Produce Enhancer you get to store your fresh plant-based food in pure, natural hemp fibre that is GM free and has been prepared into fabric without any chemicals.  Leaving all the natural antibacterial properties, breathability and water holding capacity of hemp undamaged - all the reasons pure, natural hemp has been traditionally used for food storage long before refrigeration.

All this means you’re protecting your fresh plant-based food, yourself, your children and their children from toxins leaching from plastic, paper and the ‘natural’ textiles, that are prepared in ways that are anything but natural.

When fresh plant-based foods are stored naturally you get to consume them with their greatest potential for removing bacteria, viruses, toxins and heavy metals from your body.

Using a Fresh Produce Enhancer your fresh plant-based foods are alive with their enzymes, minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids, anti-oxidants and phytonutrients when you eat them.  You are maximising their ability to support your health.

You will notice the flavour, the crispness, the freshness and most of all you will be uplifted knowing you are protecting and renewing your health in the safest, most natural way possible.