Our Fabric

We spent many years creating the safest, cleanest, most ethical answer to the plastic storage problem. We considered organic cotton, until we discovered that organically certified cotton only needs to include 70% organic material.

That wasn’t good enough for us.

We selected hemp because of its amazing qualities. Hemp has natural anti-septic properties. It uses 75% less water than cotton and it doesn’t need artificial fertilisers or pesticides, making it a great environmental solution.

Our quest is to make sure that hemp maintains all its natural properties in the process from plant to fabric. We constantly challenge ourselves at every stage to create the highest quality, safest answer to storing fresh produce.

Australian hemp growers are working towards textile production, however it is still some time away.

Hemp fibre and textiles are in high demand all over the world. Our hemp fabric is authentic and pure (learn more here).

We are proud to be partnering with a community of hemp-weaving artisans in rural China. These craftspeople have a 2000-year-old tradition and together, we are rightly proud, and protective, of their skills.

Our hemp fabric is specially woven to our exacting standards. When you use a Fresh Produce Enhancer you can be certain that:

  • No chemicals were used at any stage of the process.
  • No bleaching took place.
  • The seams are double-stitched and weight-tested.
  • The crafts people and their families are safe, healthy and cared for.

The world is full of fast food. You may not know that it is full of ‘fast’, chemically-laden textiles too. We’ve created a better way.

The Fresh Produce Enhancer is natural, safe and ethical. It’s the perfect choice for keeping your fresh food healthy, tasty and full of life.