Our Story

As we took on clean eating, toxin free habits it became necessary to create something non-toxic, pure, sustainable, ethical and safe for our fresh food kept in the refrigerator. 

We are working to contribute to three areas of life, the first being the reduction in dietary consumption of chemicals.  The Fresh fruits, vegetables and leafy greens are the foundational foods for wellness and we believe that it is important to keep them safe from plastic and other chemicals.


It is alarming to know that

  • plastic is always leaching it carcinogenic chemical constituents,
  • that fresh produce is actively (because it is still alive) tyring to rehydrate and in doing so actively absorbs these chemicals (which reduces the shelf life),
  • that animal exposed dietary plastic during pregnancy have had chronic disease in the next three generations, with the final disease expression being obesity (is it more than coincidence that the world has an obesity problem approximately three generations from the mass production of plastic?, read more here). 


Our product also discourages single use plastic bags which have a significantly detrimental impact on our planet.  They don’t decay, instead they choke our landscapes and our beautiful animals and if they are disposed in landfill they leach their carcinogenic chemical constituents into our waterways.  Chemicals from plastic can now be measured in drinking water and the waters of life, amniotic fluid, as well as placental tissue. 


Our third contribution is the awareness and understanding of sustainable fibre crops, particularly Hemp.  As you know the Fresh Produce Enhancer is made from pure, natural 100% Hemp.  We have searched for many years to find the artisans of chemical free natural fibre production and we are proud to say that the Hemp fabric in your Fresh Produce Enhancer is the cleanest fabric in the world.  Perfect for locally grown, flavoursome, chemical free, high quality fresh produce. 

Choosing Hemp over cotton for our product was easy.  Hemp is the fibre crop that was made unpopular, around the 1940’s, by the companies that profit from chemical production, plastic production and now genetic engineering. 


Although the Fresh Produce Enhancer does keep your fresh produce alive, sweet, crispy and flavoursome in the refrigerator for longer, for us, this is an added bonus!  Our main goal is safe, ethical, sustainable and reusable fresh food storage.

We believe in the collective power of our choices and know that together we can make a big contribution to these three areas of life.  We thank you for being a part of this global change.