Plastic is the reason we throw out so much fresh food.

Most people store their fresh fruit, vegetables and leafy greens in plastic in the refrigerator.....but wish they didn't throw so much out.

Fresh fruit, vegetables and leafy greens are living foods. Plastic poisons and suffocates the life out of our living food, just like it would us.




What we really need is...

  • a pure natural way that is fully aligned with natures principles to store our fresh produce in the refrigerator
  • using a fabric made from a sustainable fibre crop (one that doesn't support the chemical industries!)
  • a fabric that has been taken from raw fibre all the way through to fabric without any chemicals 




We’ve been able to achieve all these things plus we’ve made it ethical, natural, sustainable, re-usable and very long lasting.


Your choices about how you store your fresh food do matter - more than ever.....for you, your children and their children.




Let's make a difference together, now.