Here’s some of our frequently asked questions and additional information

Why do you do what you do? 

We are driven by our unwavering belief that pure, natural, unadulterated plant-based fresh foods form the foundation of our health and are worth protecting.

It makes no sense to store high quality fresh fruit, vegetables and leafy greens in plastic, a substance that is made from an unknown concoction of chemicals that are deadly for the planet, for people, for animals and for our fresh food. 


Why do you use hemp? 

Hemp has higher yields per hectare than cotton. And unlike cotton, it doesn’t need fertiliser and pesticides while growing. It’s GM free and it has natural anti-septic properties – that’s why it has traditionally been used for food storage for centuries, long before refrigeration. Hemp is great and our hemp fabric is extra-special because it’s chemical-free from start to finish. It’s unbleached, undyed and untreated, making it 100% natural and safe.

Has the Hemp fabric been bleached or dyed? 

No.  Most people are surprised to learn that it is common for Hemp fabric to be dyed a light brown colour to make it look 'more natural'. 

Why don't you use Australian hemp? 

Australia has neither the quantity nor the technology to make hemp textiles of this quality. We are members of the Australian Hemp Alliance and keep up to date with changes in our industry. At this time, Australian- made hemp fabric is some time away.

Where are your products made? 

We are proud to partner with a community of hemp-weaving artisans in rural China who uphold a beautiful, environmentally-respectful tradition. China is one of the very few countries that didn’t restrict industrial hemp growing after World War II (read more here).

What payments options to do you have? 

Visa, Mastercard, PayPal and direct deposit. For direct deposit, please create an account on our website then create a quote or an order. You will then receive our bank details on the invoice.

When will I recieve my order? 

We send orders out every weekday. All orders received by 11am are sent that day. You will receive an email with a tracking number.  

Do you have a product Guarantee? 

Yes.  Please click here

Do you have a Returns Policy? 

Yes.  Please click here

Can I make a wholesale enquiry? 

Yes, if you are an established retailer please contact us.

Are you on any social networks? 

Yes, we are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google+

Can we do Fundraisers with your team? 

Absolutely.  Please contact us to discuss.