Why do you do what you do?  It makes no sense to store high quality fresh fruit, vegetables and leafy greens in plastic, a substance that is made from an unknown concoction of chemicals that are deadly for the planet, for people, for animals and for our fresh food.  We started with cotton, but it just wasn't a big enough step up from plastic (it is well known that cotton is a chemical intensive crop).  We moved to Hemp fibre because it is a far more sustainable fibre crop.  The Greenleaf Bag is made from unbleached, undyed, untreated 100% Hemp fabric.  However, we were still eager to find ways to improve our product and make it ever more pure, clean and safe.  After many years of searching we found the artisans of natural textiles who custom weave 100% Hemp fabric without using any chemicals at all, not even during rhetting.  Which means that the fabric retains all its natural anti-bacterial and anti-mold properties, the very reasons hemp fabric has been used for food storage long before refrigeration.


Has the Hemp fabric in either of your products been bleached or dyed?  No.  Most people are surprised to learn that Hemp fabric that is slightly beige or brown colour has infact been dyed that colour to make it look 'more natural'.  In our experience, unless the Hemp fabric comes from very boutique textile companies in Europe where rhetting is done outdoors in ponds, the fabric is dyed.





Is the Hemp fabric from Australian grown Hemp?  No, Australia currently does not grow enough Hemp to meet building demand and we don't have the right equipment in Australia for making textiles. We are members of the Australian Hemp Alliance so that we keep up-to-date with changes in our industry, however Australian Hemp fabric is probably more than a decade away.





Where are your products made?  Our products are made in China because it is one of the few countries that did not restrict the growing of industrial Hemp after World War II (read more of the history here).  We are very proud to personally know the people we are working with in China and we have spent time with both the community of artisans who custom weave our fabric and team of people who stitch our Fresh Produce Enhancer.  We have great respect for the people we working with for they too are working to uphold values of integrity, community and environment.

What does greige fabric mean?  It simply means fabric that has been woven and has not yet undergone any 'finishing' treatments such as bleaching, dying or softening.  We could call our fabric 100% Hemp Greige, but we can't see the point in using words that most people don't know the meaning of!

What payments options to do you have?  We have Visa, Mastercard, Paypal and direct deposit as payment options for you to choose from. For direct deposit, create an account for yourself in our website, create a quote or order, then you will find our bank details for a direct deposit on our invoice or quote.

When I place my order how quickly will it be sent?  We send out orders each weekday and we intend that all orders received by 11am on a weekday are sent that day. We send you an email with your tracking number and instructions of how to track your parcel after your parcel has been sent.  

Do you have a product Guarantee?  Yes we do, click here

Do you have a Returns Policy?  Yes we do, click here

Can I make a wholesale enquiry?  Yes, if you are an established retailer in the wellness industry please contact us.

Are you on any social networks?  Yes, we are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google+

Can we do Fundraisers with your team?  Yes you can, please contact us to discuss.