Conscious Consumers Checklist for Natural, Ethical, Safe & Sustainable Fabric


Are you a Conscious Consumer?   

If you are, this is what you need to know.


Fresh Produce Enhancer

100% pure, natural Hemp

Cotton alternative
Made from chemical free fibre Yes

No - globally cotton uses large quantities of chemicals and is a GM crop.  99% of the people growing cotton are in underdeveloped countries which produces 75% of the worlds cotton that is sold to developed western countries.  The chemical application in cotton in underdeveloped countries is done by hand, or at best with a backpack spray pack, illiteracy is high and illness from the chemicals, even death is very high.

Chemical free production from fibre to fabric Yes - fabric is custom woven for the Fresh Produce Enhancer by artisans of pure, natural fibres No
Fair, safe and ethical labour conditions Yes - we have personally visited to be sure Unsure & unlikely
Fabric retains natural properties of the fibre Yes - Hemp is naturally antibacterial and mould resistant and has traditionally been used for keeping food long before refrigeration was available No
Fabric treated to increase shelf life No, absolutely not. Highly likely - especially if it smells unnatural
Unbleached Yes Usually
Fabric Chemically Softened No Usually
Exposed stitching or seams No Likely
Double stitched side seams Yes Unlikely
Strength tested side seams Yes - the side seams have been tested to withstand up to 14kg of weight Unlikely
Seam at the base/bottom of the bag No Likely
Makes a great Nut Milk Bag Yes No
Shrink tested to <5% Yes Unlikely
Machine Washable Yes Yes
Re-usable Yes Yes
Durability Extremely good, will last for years. Unknown
Closure Fold over top. Unknown

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