Now I can buy my produce once a week, instead of every day like I used to; now I keep all my fruit & veg in a Greenleaf Bag.  I don't waste any produce now - I just take the produce out of the plastic wrap/containers it comes in and put it in my Greenleaf Bags and it stays much fresher (like it was just picked).  There is no reason why anyone would not want a Greenleaf Bag; it is a small investment and will last forever.

Alice, no fixed address, travelling & living in my trailer!

Picked up another Greenleaf Bag to add to my collection this morning at the Cobb & Co Farmers Market. It was great to meet the inspirational owner behind the creation and learn more of the amazing story of sourcing the hemp. I liked the concept of this bag, but it wasn't until I used it that I really 'got it'. It's magic for retaining freshness and taste without exposure to the plastic of bags and fridge containers. 

Carol, Toowoomba, Queensland

The Greenleaf Bag has revolutionised the way we store veggies! Our vegetables have never lasted so long and have never remained so fresh. Its gives us peace of mind to know that we can keep our vegetables in a environmentally friendly, breathable  bag, which does'nt suffocate our food like plastic does! If you are looking at a more natural alternative to storing food, and like to limit your waste, then the Greenleaf Bag is for you.

Jess, Toowoomba, Queensland.  

Just a quick note to tell you how pleased we are with our Greenleaf Bags.

We shop on a strict budget. As a result we often buy clearance produce that is past its best.   Recently we purchased some green capsicums that were starting to wrinkle. This is just dehydration from sitting in the supermarket cooler for a few days.  We put them into a damp Greenleaf Bag in the fridge and a couple of days later I went to use them. I was really surprised as the capsicum had rehydrated! It was almost completely free of wrinkles!

I highly recommend Greenleaf Bags to anyone who wants to keep their produce fresh and also limit their use of plastics.

Hamish, Summerholm, Queensland.

I love my Greenleaf Bags; everything lasts about twice as long: greens, herbs, spinach, kale and lettuce.  So much better than plastic - what a relief, and, I don't waste produce like I used to.  My produce stays sweet and maintains its natural water content which prolongs the live giving benefits and the essential nutrients significantly longer.  The Greenleaf Bag is for all health conscious families as it greatly reduces the harmful chemicals of plastic while also being an economic lifesaver as the produce lasts so much longer - it simply makes health, economic and environmental sense to use Greenleaf Bags.

Sheila, Sydney, New South Wales.

Because I am an avid juicer; Greenleaf Bag's are a real God send to me. I have noticed that I am more attentive and frugal since learning the harmful effects of plastics since opening my eyes to Greenleaf Bags.
I just love the extra "crispness" of all my herbs and greens and especially my carrots and apples.  I believe that although this is not the norm yet it soon will be as more and more people are becoming aware of good health and saving money.

David, Toowoomba, Queensland.