We created the Greenleaf Bag because we believe that having a pure, clean, natural way to keep fresh, healthy produce alive in the refrigerator means that we won’t lose any of the nourishing qualities of the produce.

We believe that keeping our clean, fresh produce in plastic bags or containers compromises the quality of our produce because plastic sublimates hazardous chemicals from its polymer structure…..all the time.  We couldn’t see the logical sense in purchasing chemical free or organic produce then putting in plastic wrap, bags or containers.

Without our Greenleaf Bag's we were throwing out yellowed, wilted, bitter bunches of greens and vegetables that were flavoursome, healthy and nutritious when we bought them – an absolute waste and it was getting expensive (it seriously adds up)!

We believe we all deserve to enjoy healthy, flavoursome, crisp fresh produce in its most nourishing state.  Using a  Greenleaf Bag we consistently find that fresh, healthy produce rehydrates, gets heavier, crisper and firmer and the flavor, especially the sweetness is maintained, if not improved (test results here).

Now, we enjoy our leafy greens and vegetables more than we did when they were in plastic (they taste better!) and we know our high quality fresh produce is safe in chemical free Hemp fabric that we have custom woven for the Greenleaf Bag (we have it custom woven to make sure that it is truly chemical free from field to fabric – we feel more confident that way!).

The testimonials we have received and our own experiences are why we have started to think of the Greenleaf Bag as a fresh produce enhancer