Greenleaf Bag all started because ………we wanted to enjoy our leafy greens and vegetables in the same quality they were when we bought them ......even after 7 days (or more!) in the refrigerator ….. using only nature’s principles.

We want to eat fresh, crisp, tasty produce days after the farmers' markets instead of composting yellowed, bitter, limp produce after a few days in the refrigerator - it was such a waste!

We weren't willing to use plastic (especially after we realised that it is made by the same chemical companies we are already actively trying to avoid!).

To make a real difference we had to create something that was re-usable and made-to-last, something made sustainably and ethically, that didn’t pollute the environment while it was being made, while it was being used or after it had been used, and of course it had to work based on nature’s principles.

We created a specially woven 100% Hemp Greenleaf Bag and the results are awesome:

We put fresh, crisp produce in a Greenleaf Bag and after 8 days…..

Cos Lettuce, +5g, still green, crisp and sweet

Broccoli, +6g, firm, green and no yellow florets

Carrots, +9g, crisp, crunchy and sweet

   ……and these results are with fresh produce that wasn’t even a little bit wilted!

(Results will differ depending on the produce, the refrigerator and other variables)

Leafy greens and vegetables kept in a Greenleaf Bag are tasty and enjoyable to eat, unlike 'sweaty' produce that comes out of synthetic bags or containers.     

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The people who have already switched to using the Greenleaf Bag are writing to us....

Carol wrote to say “Just wanted you to know that after putting some decidedly limp baby spinach and baby cos lettuces in a wet Greenleaf Bag on Sunday, the leaves that I've just used for a salad could have been picked today!! The leaves were fresh and crisp ...I am truly amazed. Great product, so simple but it just works!”

and, Hamish wrote to tell us “We shop on a strict budget. As a result we often buy clearance produce that is past its best.   Recently we purchased some green capsicums that were starting to wrinkle. This is just dehydration from sitting in the supermarket cooler for a few days.  We put them into a damp Greenleaf Bag in the fridge and a couple of days later I went to use them. I was really surprised as the capsicum had rehydrated! It was almost completely free of wrinkles!” 

Our belief is that it is the small things each of us do every day that will collectively transform our way of living to make a difference for the environment and for our children in the years to come.  It is already happening and it is a joy to watch. 

We are proud to make our contribution by making our Greenleaf Bag available for everyone.  Every time someone switch’s from a daily use synthetic product to a re-usable product made from renewable resources, in a sustainable, eco-friendly way that person is making a real contribution to transforming our environment for a better future for everyone.

Join in, let’s keep this transformational momentum going - use a Greenleaf Bag, following us on social media, share our story with yours on your social media pages and connect with us here on our website.  We believe that it is the connections between like-minded people that forms the web of the community of transformational people – we are sure you are one of them!    

Our Products