Did you know that 1/3 of all our rubbish is food?

Most people store their fresh fruit, vegetables and leafy greens in plastic in the refrigerator.....but wish it would last longer so they didn't throw it out.



Imagine how this feels….

what does it do to your fresh produce?

Fresh Produce is...

  • poisoned by the chemicals leaching from plastic, or paper towel or fabrics treated with chemical softeners or formaldehyde
  • suffocated by plastic, and
  • dehydrated by the cold-dry-air in our frost-free fridges

No wonder it doesn't last in the fridge and we throw it out - wilted, bitter tasting, even slimy……..wasted.




What if it was possible to have healthier, sweeter, crisper, longer-lasting fresh produce!


We’ve been able to achieve all these things plus we’ve made it ethical, natural, sustainable, re-usable and very long lasting.




Your choices about storing fresh food in plastic do matter - more than ever.....for you, your children and their children.

Let's make a difference together, now.