Ever wondered what toxins are being absorbed by your food in the refrigerator?

Fresh food is the foundation to health, yet how we store our food can undermine our healthy intentions.

Once picked fresh produce naturally starts to dehydrate, as it tries to rehydrate it absorbs the toxins from its surrounds; polluting our food, reducing the shelf life, damaging the flavour - ultimately increasing food waste.

How we store our fresh produce is important, especially if you want to enjoy flavoursome, unpolluted fresh food to fuel your vitality.

The Fresh Produce Enhancer is our premium product, made from pure, natural, 100% Hemp that has been specially woven without the use of chemicals to maintain its natural antibacterial properties and integrity.

It is re-usable, ethically made, comes with a 3 year guarantee and is the safest, most natural way to store fresh produce in the refrigerator, keeping you aligned with your healthy intentions.