Avoid plastic shopping bags – our eco-friendly products offer another option

All plastics are made through a process called polymerization. That process is never complete; meaning there are always chemical components that aren’t properly locked into the polymeric structure and therefore freely bleed from the plastic.

  • 90% of the chemicals of greatest concern to human health are used to make plastic
  • The exact chemical composition of any commercially available plastic is proprietary and unknown by regulatory bodies or consumers
  • Plastic is called an “Indirect Food Additive”

Benefits of our reusable and eco-friendly produce bags available in Australia

So what are the main advantages of our eco-friendly and reusable products over traditional plastic shopping bags? First and foremost, they provide a more organic solution for storing your fresh greens, vegetables, fruits and herbs whilst in the refrigerator. Typical shopping bags reduce the shelf life of your produce, whereas our hemp alternative actually improves both the flavour and the freshness, for longer. We have actually found that produce can breathe and rehydrate in the reusable Greenleaf Bag, and won’t become stressed, therefore maintaining its ‘aliveness’.


Choose the materials that help you get the most from your fresh produce

Don’t waste the effort you’ve gone to specifically seeking out the crispest, organic produce by using supermarket plastic bags. Utilise the high quality, sustainable and clean natural fibres of our bags to extract the most flavour and firmness from your fruit and veggies.

Now, all you need to do is order the pack size of eco-friendly, reusable bags that matches how many hungry family members are living under your roof. Whether you were after our range of hemp bags or vegetable bags, we’re confident you’ll find something to suit.